The workshops are given on request from 2 to 5 days long (8 to 14 people maximum)

Following my training in Analytical Art Therapy, my workshops are based today on self development using  creation, calligraphy and graphism. Through introspection, active experimentation and by observing your own emotions, you will reconnect to your vital inner source, in order to rediscover your true self.

My interest is to drive you away from your confort zone and to incite you to take some risks in order to stop thinking and encourage you to experiment, what you know nothing about. The aim is to help you pass through your own apprehensions, in order to free yourself from your own fears. I will stimulate you to play, explore, experiment and express other ways of making marks, understanding colour and exploring the boundaries of space, in order to discover your own creative style.

The aim of creation doesn’t lie in aestheticism, but rather in discovering your authenticity, your difference and your uniqueness. It’s the process that is important, not the result. Arnaud Desjardins, a master of wisdom, says:

” The only aim, is to pass through your own limitations, your own contradictions, your own finitude in order to awaken to true consciousness.”


Proposed themes :      creation, emotions, graphism
                                    MUSIc and GRAPHISM
                                     harmony and opposites
                                     playing with the laying out
                                     colour in all its dimensions
                                      my inner garden
                                      the wondering line
                                      I’m playing with PAUL KLEE
                                      the meaning of words

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