Sophie Verbeek was born in France in 1962. She moved to Italy and grew up in England where at the age of 15, she was initiated to different artistic techniques like calligraphy, drawing,knitting, painting or print making. After studying Business Administration in Reims (France) and London, she got married and returned to her native country. She moved to Dijon and  followed a course on History of Art in an Open University, and discovered the works of Dotremont, Hartung and Alechinsky. At the same time, she followed a course on historical calligraphy. Her interest in Graphic Arts came to its turning point when in 1996, she  moved to Belgium and met Roger Willems. His contemporary work was a revelation. She then took a few workshops in Belgium, England and France. Her understanding of a more poetic approach, came with Brody Neuenschwander, that encouraged her to research into a free, liberated gesture far from pure esthetics. That concept was strengthened during her ten year participation with the artistic group the "Black fingers". Today, Sophie continues her research with the graphic line, color and textural rythm. Her daily practice of Qi Gong, Yoga and meditation help her to create an inner space, favorable for creation.

She now lives in Switzerland and has exhibited in collective and private exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and the United States.